Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sound of Silver

So Silver Pyre a band from 19th Century Somerset by the sounds of 'Sovereign' a traditional sea shanty, but hang on a second their singing about "a hundred odd meatheads", seriously though if the musical genres of shoegaze and electro existed in the 19th Century then 'Saline' and 'Shurtan Bars Ammonite' (boy what a catchy song title) respectively would be how they would sound. Back to 'Sovereign' then as it sounds a bit like The Decemberists blowing up with a roaring accordion. Seriously this stuff will rouse some sort of collective cultural memory out of everybody, and their playing a session on Huw Steven's Radio 1 show tonight, so listen and enjoy this odd folky musique.

MP3s (samples):
Silver Pyre-Sovereign
Silver Pyre-Saline
more on their MySpace

Silver Pyre-EP(i)

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