Monday, February 12, 2007

Embedded Video Day- I'll get you next time Timberlake, next tiiiime

not really a classic video as such just an excuse to include Scarlett Johansson on this blog and just say that Mr Timberlake is a lucky bastard really (I'm not jealous, honest.....well actually thats a big fat whopping lie). Anyway a great video from Arcade Fire is here its a cover of 'Guns Of Brixton' which is cool. Also the sureally brilliant video for Knife by Grizzly Bear is great so check that out right here (thanks to Stereogum). Can I also remind everybody to tune in to my show 10am-12pm tommorow, on Junction 11.

The Avalanches-Ray Of Zdarlight (WOOOO The Avalanches are back)
Dinosaur Jr-Almost Ready (Double WOOOO Dino Jr return from the dead)
(Cheers P4K)

Pictures (thanks Egotastic):

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