Friday, February 02, 2007

Geeky Post with added post-rock

OK lets get the geeky non-music part out of the way first, I'm rather excited to say that Deathly Hallows the seventh book in the superb Harry Potter series is being released on the 21st July 2007. Right now having got that out the way I should also mention my radio show which I broad casted on Tuesday which was kind of my anniversary edition you can listen to that here, I haven't posted the tracklisting because I've been a bit busy with a presentation as well as the 'mammoth' Best Albums of January 2007 post, which I was quite pleased about (although I don't really know why). Anyway on to the music and what great music it is from the already highly recommended Somme, a duo from Chicago who combine post-rock shoegaze (pretty experimentally) with conventional indie rhythms, see the handclaps in 'Massless' as well as some almost 'Pavement' like guitars to start 'Forge', I haven't heard the E.P but it should be awesome. It is certainly ear catching stuff and just to make this post extra geeky "it's post-rock jim, but not as we know it" (I'm not a trekkie though I probably should highlight that fact).


Weight E.P should be available soon just keep checking their MySpace

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