Friday, December 22, 2006

Its not Blur and its not Gorrilaz, can you guess what it is?

You will probably have been right it is the new song from Damon Albarn's new new group The Good The Bad And The Queen which could even be considered a SUPER Group with not only Mr Albarn but also Paul Simonon on bass (dude he was in The Clash and is the front cover star of the 'London Calling' album), Simon Tong on guitar (formerly of The Verve and also plays with Gorrilaz), and Tony Allen (who on drums who played with Africa 70 and Fela Kuti) and the whole thing is being produced by a certain Mr Dangermouse which all sound very exciting, but how does it actually sound? Well in a way it probably sounds as you expect but possibly more relaxed. Basically it does sound kind of like a half-way house between Gorrilaz and Blur (especially with those distinctive vocals) it probably sounds closer to Gorrilaz especially 'Don't Get Lost In Heaven' off of the end of 'Demon Days' but there is also a very Punkish Clashy taste waiting in the background (playing the bass) which is very eveident on 'History Song' for which the bassline does resemble the one for 'Guns Of Brixton'. To be honest it sounds like a bunch of musicians having a good time playing around with their own influences and recording some excellent music, so have a listen and leave your comments about the track and the band.
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The Good The Bad And the Queen-Kingdom Of Doom (download single released 15th Jan '07)

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