Sunday, December 17, 2006

Its Chriiisssttmaaassss

OK so I missed what was going to be my Christmas radio show on Friday, which was annoying, so I decided to do a podcast instead but I've been unable to upload it because as usual the wireless internet was annoying and wouldn't let me do it. So I tried to do that on Friday and Saturday and again today I apparently suceeded on filecrunch but then it told me that it hadn't worked, so instead of that The Knife shall provide you with some chilly electro christmas cheer with their free website download Christmas Reindeer, as well as that lets look forward to 2007 with some excellent albums looking to come out including the new one from Deerhoof, and from that album +81 sounds like an exellent cut with trumpets (always good), a great little guitar riff and proper Deerhoof vocals. You could also go to IGIF or YANP to see some excellent Chistmassy mixtapes.

MP3s (complements to P'fork):
The Knife-Christmas Reindeer

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