Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Great Danes

Well this might be the worst time to start introducing a new band on ya'll as its basically a kind of dead time in music, but I received a MySpace friend request from a band named The Elephants who hail from Copenhagen, and seeing as they turned out to be a rather excellent little group I just decided to post about them. I only checked out my friend requests list because I was bored and saw The Elephants on there and had a gander just out of fleeting interest and was pleasantly surprised to find a Indie-Surf band (is that even a genre?) who come across like a band stuck in limbo between the Indie-Alt Country sounds of Wilco and the 60's surf-pop sound of The Beach Boys and thus create a brand new genre (possibly). One of my New Years resolutions will be to write better blog posts but give this band a look, I mean they've already toured the US and are currently recording their first album.

The Elephants-Shivers
The Elephants-Caroline Knows
more at their MySpace

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