Thursday, December 07, 2006

Friend Of The Stars

So I got the essay done earlier then expected yay, so I can now present the continuation of this here blogs Thursday MySpace feature, todays well known band whos top 8 I took a look at are mellow indie romantics Stars. So on their MySpace amongst some well known faces and their record label there was Young Galaxy (who are also signed to the fantastic Arts & Crafts label) a band that I hadn't heard of and sound like the soundtrack to a futuristic entry into space. With a waft of shoegaze and a heap of mellow indie rock you may find yourself hypnotised by this Canadian duo from Montreal (where else) who also have that whole male/female vocal thing going on (not that dissimilar to Stars in that respect). So check out Stephen Ramsay and Catherine McCandless (their names).

Young Galaxy-Swing Your Heartache

Swing Your Heartache Tour EP

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