Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Just got an essay on at the moment so may not post tommorow or the next day, and I'm going to Edinburgh at the weekend, so I thought that I should make the effort to post today. So I thought why not throw some brand new folk/antifolk, acoustic music at ya'll (seriously there is something wrong with me at the moment) in the shape of a certain Thomas Barret a singer-songwriter type hailing from California (thats why this post has that title) currently competing to become the NBT in the BBC World Service band competition. So when I had a listen to this music I couldn't help thinking at first that this guy was a Bob Dylan-Elliot Smith split (musically like Dylan and vocally like Smith) which is true in a way but in no way a terrible thing, but with a few more listens I gradually saw there was a bit more to it then just that, there are clearly more influences with echoes from the likes of MMJ and Animal Collective which is why its folk/antifolk. Hey its a great sound so ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out (oh dear).

Thomas Barret-Forever And Ever Again
Thomas Barret-Lip Gloss


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