Saturday, August 18, 2007

Album I'm looking forward too:smokin'

I really love the sound Devendra Banhart is developing further in his fourth album 'Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon' with 'Seahorse' being the first single or official mp3 or something, anyway it starts off with Banhart's uniquely understated vocals and guitar before building into what can only be called a jazzy number before morphing into rock territory without sounding in the least bit contrived, but in fact keeping his trademark organic yet freaky sound or as he calls it 'space reggae' which can defnitely be applied to 'The Other Woman' another great slice (think a folky version of 'Ghost Town' and you may be close to how this song sounds) of the upcoming album which can be heard here along with 'Samba Vexillographica' which is a folky-jazzy-samba number sang in Spanish (that is so Banhart) anyway I'm looking forward to it.

MP3: Devendra Banhart-Seahorse
Pre-Order: Devendra Banhart-Smokey Rolls Down Thunder Canyon

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