Thursday, October 26, 2006

Some Consequences for Air Traffic

This post Numberwang post today is in tribute (in a way) to two excellent quality blogs namely swedesplease (a blog entirely devoted to Swedish music) and the brilliantly named Good Weather For Airstrikes as its about two bands who have been recently featured on these blogs, these two bands are The Consequences and Air Traffic. The Consequences hail from Sweden and produce some excellent catchy radio-rock (big British influence with a Swedish twist) it certainly doesn't suggest a lack of ambition (I especially like the background mandolin used in the intro for 'Release Me From Love'), basically very good see swedesplease for more details. So secondly we have Air Traffic a band that has seen backing from a certain Mr Lowe and has also recently signed a deal with EMI (and considering that they have just recently appeared on the scene you can tell they're going to be good) they make extremely fun, infectious, piano-driven indie rock/pop certainly worth taking a look, so read more at Good Weather For Airstrikes. On other fronts you may remember when I posted about Slo-Mo Fireworks, well I received feedback from them asking if I would like their demo CD which I'm about to reply to. Finally of course my radio show on Junction 11 is on tommorow 8-9am BST (thats UTC+1) and if any readers want to tune in please do.

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