Saturday, October 21, 2006

Its Back

Yes indeed I have wireless internet sorted at my house, and although I have quite a lot on this year at uni I will try to make as many posts as possible, and there is a lot to talk about seeing as I've been effectively off the blogosphere since June. One of the best pieces of news though is that The Shins have announced that they have finished their third album called 'Wincing The Night Away' (what a brilliant title) and released on 23rd January next year (I smell a 2007 album list entry) with 'Phantom Limb' as the single released 16th November, the tracklisting is as follow
1.Sleeping Lessons (3:58)
2.Australia (3:56)
3.Pam Berry (0:56)
4.Phantom Limb (4:47)
5.Sea Legs (5:22)
6.Red Rabbits (4:30)
7.Turn On Me (3:41)
8.Black Wave (3:19)
9.Spilt Needles (3:45)
10.Girl Sailor (3:44)
11.A Comet Appears (3:49)
So plenty of short pure indie pop gems to look forward to, although as expected the album has already leaked so if you want a taster of the new album take a listen to Australia which is a perfect Shins song really absolutely one of their best yet (I can't upload it because file lodge is being annoying).

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