Friday, October 27, 2006

The Show must go on

For this blog post I've decided to make my show earlier the main subject, it ran for about an hour (I was a bit late, but the last song went past 9am) and the tracklisting is as follows:

Never Even Told Me Her Name-Air Traffic
Like Eating Glass-Bloc Party
Phantom Limb-The Shins
Bones-The Killers
Back to Back
Summersong-The Decemberists (mp3)
The Infanti-The Decemberists
Me Plus One-Kasabian
Death Or Life We Want You-The Dears (mp3)
Girl From Mars-Ash
Talk Too Much-The God Damm Doo Wop Band (mp3)
choose a cover version
Gold Digger-The Automatic

You can listen to the thing here (just click open I come in after about 6 minutes) and download it here (just click save as).

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