Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Beauty

This Charming Blog may be mostly about music but I've decided that it will also be about whatever I want it to be about and for todays post I'm going to put up some pictures and videos of those in my own opinion are the ten most beatiful women in the world (I guess I should qualify this with famous women really) I think I'll mostly let the images and videos speak for themselves which is basically being pretty lazy, so in no particular order (because I often change my mind over this sort of thing anyway) my top ten are:

I'm actually starting to enjoy her music as a guilty pleasure sort of thing, but I mean wow, I have actually yet to find a bad picture of Rihanna which is fairly surprising.

Suprise MP3: Rihanna-SOS

Jessica Alba
The Sexiest Woman in the World according to FHM readers, and its not exatly difficult to see why.

Elisha Cuthbert
Basically the reason why anyone watched 'The Girl Next Door' also a great actress anyway.

Scarlett Johansson
First saw her in the excellent Lost In Translation, quite literally a perfect woman (although I don't know her personally).

Adriana Lima
The only actual model in my Top Ten , I find her heavily addictive.

Keira Knighley
The last 5 minutes of Pirates Of The Carribean, cinematic gold (or the whole of Domino).

(just put in on mute, you know you will)

Rosario Dawson
She was spectacular in Sin City and downright charming in Clerks 2 not to mention Death Proof.

Kelly Brook
No 1 Woman who men want to see in a bikini, again difficult to argue with that.

Eva Longoria
Recently got married, dang (thats all I have to say).

Evangeline Lilly
I love Lost, I really do and Evageline is actually great in it she is also smoking hot (ok maybe a bit too low brow, then again perhaps this whole post is anyway).

Thats it I probably should take a cold shower or something, more music posts will follow (almost all pictures from Hollywoodtuna).

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