Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Confusion or just a Bizzare Love Triangle

Is anyone else wondering what exactly is going on with New Order at the moment with Peter Hook saying that they had split and Sumner and Morris saying that they were going to continue without him as New Order which he has just said can't happen as he says on his MySpace This group [New Order] has split up! You are no more New Order than I am! You may have two thirds, but don't assume you have the rights to do anything 'New Order-ey', because you don't. I've still got a third! But I'm open to negotiation." As Jerry Seinfeld probably wouldn't say "whats the deal.." . Anyway enjoy some classic New Order.

MP3s:New Order-Crystal
New Order-Bizzarre Love Triangle
New Order-True Faith
New Order-Age Of Consent


Marilyn said...

Oh drama!!

Jim said...

If I'm being honest its really an excuse to post some New Order songs.

minijonb said...

Hooky loves to be the drama queen. And if Barney Sumner needs a new yacht, he'll tour as "New Order" or "New Order 2" or whatever it takes. Nothing will stop the man!!!

= : - )