Monday, July 30, 2007

Classic Live Video Day-The Who

Its an old feature from Sessions of Breakfast with a new This Charming Blog twist, i.e its just about live performances and today its arguably (I mean some will argue a lot about that) the greatest live band ever (in their heyday at least) The Who.

The old favourite isn't it live from the Monteray festival.

Quite possibly their finest song from their finest album.

Very raw, black and white version of their first hit.

a rehearsal jam cover of 'I Saw Her Standing There' with Keith singing.

MP3:The Who-My Generation
Buy: Who's Next

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Trace said...

Hi Jim.

Thanks for putting these up, and I agree with you 100% support music, keep it Live.. Love The Who, and if not an infrigngement, if you or anybody else gets any time, please check out the site, of a Midlands based very hard working Who tribute band. (They don't go for being look a likes, all been on the circuit etc).. Though when you see them play, you can tell they play for the Love of the Music, .. I really do beleive you cannot beat Live Music, played with real passion.. This goes for any genere of Live Music

Anyway here is the site..