Tuesday, September 18, 2007

album you should get...right now:Gold

Well this a post I wanted to put up longer ago (but haven't mostly because I wanted to do it justice but partly because I've had other things to do) because I suspect quite a lot of blogs would have included this excellent album a while ago Aaron Scroeder's second album 'Black & Gold' is perhaps in overtly record company speak an absolute gem, not so much in terms of that theres a couple of great tracks which you can 'cherry-pick' to download sense (I mean sometimes I think almost 76% of 'great albums' come under this category and thats a statistic not proven by eminent scientists), but more in the way that it fits together well as an album and shows a variety of influences starting from an indie base and working outwards with a variety of instruments, I particularly like the alt-country vibe on 'Cold Country' perhaps because it remnds me a little of 'Cancelled Check' by Beck off of Mutations one of my favourite ever albums, also the contrast between the woozy ending of the song and the breezy stomp of the opening of 'If You Please' is very pleasing. The style of music on 'Black & Gold' mostly reminds me of the catchy pop of Paul Simon mixed with the charming indie vibe of Belle & Sebastian or if you want a 'kooky' crtic soundbite: "Jaunty tunes twitching with genius" I'm quite proud of that one, anyway are you still reading this or are you buying it.

MP3:Aaron Scroeder-Fake Crimes (Demo)
Buy:Aaron Scroeder-Black & Gold

Coming soon: Murder Mystery

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