Thursday, March 22, 2007

MyFriend feature Return

So a few months back on this here blog I started a fairly adventurous feature where I take a band or artist and look at their MySpace page and see if among the top 8 (or however many friends there are) there is a good or great band or artist there, now todays return of the feature which actually features a band or duo who I just heard about on StG a blog that everyone should read just for the writing, and as luck would have it they happened to be on the top 8 of another Ontario based artist who I knew about already namely the fantasticly epic Basia Bulat, so I could link them in with the feature. Now Habitat (pictured above) are a band who make some oddly compelling indie-pop, songs driven by either guitar or keyboard with a nice male/female vocal combination, its good stuff.

Habitat-Snow Song

Self-titled E.P and download more tracks at their MySpace

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cosi said...

i googled jay reatard and your site came up and that's my friend john in the first picture!!!! wild. oh internet.