Friday, February 29, 2008

A formidible leap

It is no secret that this blog has clearly been neglected for some time now, the last post was three monts ago, and the last regular post was even further back, the truth is that I have had some life things to deal with (I now work 1-9 on week days) and I haven't really got organised with posting stuff on here, I still am not organised but I thought I'd post today just to see if I can start fairly regular posts going again and also I just checked one (of a lot) e-mail from a member of a band called The Joy Formidable it was a brief message but I thought 'hey why not' so I clicked on the bally ol' hyperlink and found to my slight (very good) surprise that rather then being a band like so many on MySpace sounding good but not great I found a band on the verge of greatness with a sound that manages to mash-up many influences into a big tasty music smoothy they'll remind you perhaps of the more anthemic sounding of Arcade Fire's songs and maybe the rock energy of the likes of the Duke Spirit, anyway they have three songs available on their MySpace to download, I would highly recommend that you get over there and download them all whilst you still can because if they don't get signed to a label sometime this year I'll eat my hat and become a reclusive newt obsessive. Well then right-ho hopefully I'll start posting at least a bit regularly from now on and all that rot.


Rika said...

Hey! Cool site! Anyway, I just wanted to share a new artist I found on the web. His name is Eric Solomon and he's a great singer! He sounds like a mix of Jason Mraz and Chris Daughtry. You should check out his website,

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