Monday, January 22, 2007

Classic Videos Day-No Direction, Period and Arcade Fire (live)

Dylan again for this feature (I listened to a heck of a lot of Dylan last week (98 times according to but slightly different to last Monday, I can guarantee that if you've had or are having a bad day this will not only cheer you up but also give you someone to blame for 'every single popular song of the last 35 years every single one'. Also check IGIF for all the details on by all accounts an awesome secret show by Arcade Fire which got put on YouTube (also covered by Torture Garden and GvB) and for your pleasure here is one of the songs performed last night in St Michaels Church in Montreal (I have to go there some day, seriously if anyone happens to be going there or lives there and has a lot of money to spare can you take me along/let me stay with you) its the first UK single that will be taken from Neon Bible its 'Keep The Car Running'

and lastly remember 10am-12pm tommorow, repeat it over and over again in conjunction with

Arcade Fire-Neighbourhood #3(Power Out)

Bob Dylan-Like A Rolling Stone

Arcade Fire-Neon Bible (UK) (US)
Bob Dylan-Essential (does not include My Humps, Toxic or Mmm Bop)

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